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June 29th - Start It Up - sourdough home baking
July 13th _ Follow Up day - for returners or those already baking sourdough
One day classes are from 10-4 with lunch included and 4 loaves to take home cost £95 pp.
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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Down to Cornwall, I dropped in early to see wood-fired oven baking at St Kew Harvest Farm Shop (google "real bread finder")

While down on a break, I found the Harvest Farm Shop at St Kew on the real bread finder, and met Jeremy, who has set up a lovely bakery with a 30 loaf capacity wood-fired oven. I went to join Jeremy at about 5 am on his early morning bake (he'd started the fire at 4.00), where he works alone to produce a good variety of yeasted and longer-fermented loaves. We enjoyed sharing a little baker's chat while he did the daily bake. The bakery is based in a farm shop he runs with his wife Antonina, stocked with lots of locally sourced produce and goodies.

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