We run popular monthly BREAD-MAKING COURSES, making 4 different types of bread by hand using our own 25 year old sourdough starter.
For details see the page Our Bread-Making Classes page


now booking:
June 29th - Start It Up - sourdough home baking
July 13th _ Follow Up day - for returners or those already baking sourdough
One day classes are from 10-4 with lunch included and 4 loaves to take home cost £95 pp.
email us to book your place or let us know you are interested at

Monday, 19 November 2018

At Little Eye, we want to help bakers  get things right at home, not just on the course, so we help make small changes on request, to follow up the courses. Carolyn asked for help with a slippery dough recipe after our last class in November 2018.

"Really pleased with loaf today with adjustments as below, thanks very much for your help"

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Quality control from a grandson as the loaves are readied for the Farmers Market - he loves the unique stottie we make.

Monday, 8 January 2018


We finished 2017 with our seasonal produce - a stollen and a malt loaf - alongside our usual range of 7 sourdough loaves for farmers markets. In 2018 we are concentrating on our classes - expect a follow-up class for people who have been on the Start It Up class and want to learn some new techniques - and, as always, experimenting with new recipes and techniques.
Pictures show our sourdough stottie, a crusty, flat and spongy loaf, and our sourdough christmas stollen.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

New Zealand sourdough starter

A year ago I stayed at Rachel's air bnb in Owhira Bay, Wellington, New Zealand. She was interested in making sourdough bread. We got a starter going and baked the first loaf. I dropped in last week to see her and Selwyn, and was delighted to see that not only is the starter going well, but Rachel now offers sourdough bread to visitors as part of her breakfast deal. Have microbes, will travel!

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

We are taking part in a global research project into how sourdough works. Our 25 year old starter is now in Tuft University lab in the US, doing its stuff. To read more about it click on this link -

Monday, 10 April 2017

 early publicity for the May Bank Holiday New New Brighton Food and Drink Festival will see Little Eye on the chef's demo stage -

Learn how to make sourdough bread with West Kirby's Little Eye Bakery

Learn how to make sourdough bread with West Kirby's Little Eye Bakery

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Home mills and local grains

The Grain Sheaf

On a trip down to the Welsh Borders, we were surprised and delighted to come across Jan Williams in Oswestry Market, with her start-up business The Grain Sheaf

Jan has worked incredibly hard to source a real variety of grains grown in the Borders and adjacent areas - including oats and barkey and spelt alongside many strains of wheat.
And she sells home kitchen mills from Komo, the best and most beautiful kitchen top mills around.

She herself has a commercial version and can mill up to a sack of flour at once. Buit the smaller sizes are easily enough for home bakers. Have a look at her site - and admire her tenacity and commitment to fresh, local grain. Bravo Jan!