We run popular monthly BREAD-MAKING COURSES, making 4 different types of bread by hand using our own 25 year old sourdough starter.
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June 29th - Start It Up - sourdough home baking
July 13th _ Follow Up day - for returners or those already baking sourdough
One day classes are from 10-4 with lunch included and 4 loaves to take home cost £95 pp.
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Friday, 2 September 2016

At a rough guess, we have made 10,000 loaves at Little Eye in the last 5 years. And supplied 5 shops, 3 farmers markets and several food fairs. And festivals.

Our oven is just a range-sized, single chamber electric oven. Today I am baking seeded rye, pain de campagne, seed breads and chourico rolls. And cleaning all my sourdough tubs - you can't put off keeping the sourdough clean and bubbly!

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