We run popular monthly BREAD-MAKING COURSES, making 4 different types of bread by hand using our own 25 year old sourdough starter.
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June 29th - Start It Up - sourdough home baking
July 13th _ Follow Up day - for returners or those already baking sourdough
One day classes are from 10-4 with lunch included and 4 loaves to take home cost £95 pp.
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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Bread on the Table - Community Baking course

We completed our first pilot classes in December, and have road-tested our 3 sessions, using simple rolling dough method. We just kept a bit of dough from each session, and used it to make dough for the next.

After Christmas we will be piloting the outreach to users who will gain health and financial benefits from baking.

A traditional rolling dough method means you only need flour water and a pinch of salt to make your bread. In 3 sessions, people learnt to make up the dough the night before to bake the next morning, and to handle, shape and bake three diferent sourdough-leavened bread.

One husband loved it, and the other wouldn't touch it!

Our pilot is part-funded by a Wirral Public Health Innovation grant.

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