We run popular monthly BREAD-MAKING COURSES, making 4 different types of bread by hand using our own 25 year old sourdough starter.
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now booking:
June 29th - Start It Up - sourdough home baking
July 13th _ Follow Up day - for returners or those already baking sourdough
One day classes are from 10-4 with lunch included and 4 loaves to take home cost £95 pp.
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Monday, 13 June 2011

Our sourdough breads

We make hand- made breads baked in tins, for excellent sandwich loaves, and for speciality rye and fruit loaves

We also hand-mould loaves to make a variety of breads - this is a mixed white and wholewheat loaf made from a chickpea (gram) flour starter.

Sourdough bread made on the Wirral

  • Using top quality ingredients, with all breads made with traditionally-milled flours from local mills (within 30 miles) or from organic sources - with no additives
  • Producing naturally-leavened sourdough breads with no added yeasts, made by hand through a 24 or 36 hour process
  • Providing food that is great for flavour, keeping, health and enjoyment
  • Supporting sustainable local food production businesses and artisan craft
Russian Rye
  A deep-flavoured, dark loaf made with wholegrain rye flour and rye sourdough – it keeps for days, and is brilliant with strong-flavoured foods or by itself
Pain de Campagne
  A crusty, light bread made with mixed flours and extra virgin olive oil – great everyday bread that goes with everything
Omega - multiseed
  A springy, moist loaf with mixed flours, seeds, malted barley, cold-pressed oil - versatile for sandwiches and delicious toast
Wholewheat Rice bread
  A moist, long-lasting and nutritious loaf made with stoneground wholewheat flour, wholegrain rice and sesame seed crust
Olive & Herb
  A light and crusty white/mixed flour loaf with virgin olive oil as a loaf and rolls.
  A white and barley flour loaf, full of flavour, topped with barley flakes
Raisin and Fennel
  An intensely fruity loaf with mixed flours and raisins, delicious as bread or toasted
Overnight White
   All-white flour with olive oil and salt, made slowly to last longer

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